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Relaxation Massage


Comforting Relaxation Massage Possibilities

Our relaxation massage options at Japan Sauna offer revitalizing massage possibilities that were originally created to use a number of different modalities to help people relieve the stress in their body, mind, and spirit. Our relaxation massage services may incorporate a number of unique massage techniques, including Swedish massage, trigger point attention, reflexology, and even aromatherapy.

Try our relaxation massage today to help you loosen tight muscles, relieve stress, ease tension, release toxins from your muscles, and increase your body's blood and oxygen circulation. Visit our location today or call 941-355-4025 to see what we can do for you!
New Japan Sauna

Visit Our Location or Call 941-355-4025 for Assistance!
Japan Sauna is the longest operating sauna in our area. We are very professional and customer oriented.
New Japan Sauna
New Japan Sauna
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